Mitchell David Mahoney (mitch-uhl; born May 23, 1988) is an American entrepreneur, brand artist, and fashion designer. Mahoney first gained prominence as an artist for his work with Euphoric Media, where he played a role in designing inspiring brands and best-selling books for international authors including Eli Rook and Jacinth Tracey. His style of design originally used photography incorporated with geometric patterns. He later centered his focus on ‘flat’ symbolic logo designs for brands in which he was influenced by Steve Jobs of Apple, Larry Page and Sergey Brin of Google and the French Canadian graffiti and graphic artists of 123 Klan.

Mahoney was raised in a middle-class household in Battle Creek, Michigan and began writing and drawing in pre-school at age 3. Mitch attended graphic arts school for one semester before dropping out to pursue his shirt design business entirely in 2008. Although his real desire was to become a successful clothing designer, he found it more logical to serve entrepreneurs and businesses that already had a foundation where Mitch could serve them through designing their brand and earn more money off the bat. After being a part of Eli Rook’s book design for The Big Fucking Secret which became an overnight best-seller on Amazon, Mahoney moved from Michigan to Maui, Hawai’i to work more closely with his business mentor, Jayson Shawver. Following several personal brand designs and website design collaborations, Mahoney severely sprained his right foot in a cliff-diving incident.

Mahoney’s foot injury put a halt to his usual adventurous life, and caused him to focus like never before on his business for two solid months; resulting in over 50 t-shirt designs selling at high-volume online. “My injury played out as a blessing in disguise”, Mitch said, during an interview with Joshua Seymour.

Mahoney is one of the world’s best-selling t-shirt designers of all time, having sold more than 1,000 copies of one single shirt design in the first 2 weeks of it’s release. He envisions himself being one of the most influential people in the world and a heavy-hitter on Forbes annual lists. 

Mahoney’s background and style from his debut, ‘one-off’ boutique shirt designs with Euphoric Wear were altered to reach niches at a volume of mass appeal. He would later transform his style back to the boutique, high-end product designs, innovating what is worn on the human body with natural materials such as hemp, wood, crystals, and other earthly organics.


In 2013, Mahoney announced that he would reveal a high-end organic clothing line entitled Euphoric Boutique, scheduled to launch its first product in May 2015; one of Euphoric Boutique’s initiatives is to make hemp legal and available in the U.S.


In 2010, Mahoney announced that he would release an inspirational children’s book series. The main character and setting have been developed, extended characters and storyline are to be announced in business quarter one in 2016. The book will go on to become an animated cartoon series and after 3 seasons, plans for a motion picture are in place.


EuphoricPlex™ International
Arts; Creation Stations
Music; Studios and Stages
Recreation; Funlands, Waterworlds, Skateparks and Plazas


Mitch plans to purchase land within the Hawai’ian island chain in order to build a creative synergetic all-in-one living space for self, family, and friends, while suitable for a value-creative high-power workplace and training center to develop paradigm shifting products, services and memberships designed specifically to empower and inspire individuals within many markets [arts, business, energy, music, media, skateboarding, surfing, clothing], & fun zones with streams and waterfalls, trampolines, skateparks, slip’n’slides, basketball hoops, beach activities such as surf, paddle-board, kayak, snorkel, scuba, boating, etc.

Upcoming Business Ventures

Euphoric World
An organization of grassroots brands ranging many industries including products, services, and memberships, all designed to improve the human experience on Earth. Current brands within Euphoric World that are in motion: Euphoric Wear and Euphoric Media.

Euphoric Life
An expression of personal development and positive life experiences.

Euphoric Hawai’i
A beautiful directory of outstanding people, products and services available on the Hawai’ian Islands.



Mitch at Waihe’e Ridge 2013
Mitchell David Mahoney


May 23, 1988 (age 26)


Battle Creek,
MI, U.S.




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Battle Creek, MI,U.S.



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