My personal notes from the book The Law of Success by Napoleon Hill

 This post contains notes on Lesson 10 Accurate Thought

You don’t know what you don’t know.

Open your mind, stretch it further; to sharpen your accurate thought.

In the pursuit of achieving your dream AKA your definite purpose in life, facts are key:

– Facts are more valuable than mere information.
– Sort important facts from unimportant facts.
– Sort relevant facts from irrelevant facts.
– A relevant fact is defined as a fact that you can use without interfering with the rights of others, in the attainment of your purpose.
– All facts that you can use in the attainment of your definite purpose are important and relevant.
– Organize, classify, and most importantly, USE facts.
– Knowing the facts gives you self confidence and eliminates hesitation and procrastination.
– Accurate thinkers see facts.

Belittling your enemies or competitors is self-destructive.
Are you destroying or building?

Truth alone endures, all else must pass with time.

I cannot afford to deceive others. I know I cannot afford to deceive myself.

How are you going to succeed in life if you are not sure what it is that you want?

List and study the people who accomplish more that you, with less effort; especially those people you’re in contact with.

Use the most powerful tools and systems available to you, in order to save time and accomplish much more than usual, with less effort!

Spirit and/or consciousness = Infinite Intelligence

Infinite Intelligence does not require the five senses of smell, sight, taste, feel, taste, and hear… it requires creative thought.

The sub-conscious mind, through auto-suggestion, gives instructions to and activates the power of infinite intelligence to make what you want appear in your reality.

This is the most important fact in the whole book.

When you tune the TV frequency to which channel you want, you then see the images and hear sounds on that specific channel. You experience the channel you want by tuning into that channel.When you know your definite purpose and auto-suggest it to yourself repetitively through thinking, visualizing, writing, planning, and putting it on your dream board and dream book; you ARE that frequency. Have full faith and confidence that your universe is delivering that specific frequency you’re tuned into, to your real life experience.

Then, when the steps are presented to you, usually in the form of an opportunity, recognize that they are steps to achieve your dream or your definite purpose.. take those steps, take those opportunities with no hesitation; simply take action!

Harvesting grain as a metaphor to achieving your dream or definite purpose:

The Process of Harvesting Grain

1. Prepare the soil to receive the seed in an area that gets sunlight.
2. Plant the seed in the soil, cover it with soil.
3. Water the seed consistently.
4. Wait for Earth and nature to produce the grain.
5. Harvest the grain.

The Process of Achieving Your Dream

1. Prepare your sub-conscious mind to accept an autosuggestion with creative thought and have faith in infinite intelligence.
2. Auto-suggest your dream or definite purpose to your sub-conscious mind.
3. Wait and work for the realization consistently.
4. Continuously intensify your faith that your definite purpose is being fulfilled.
5. Experience the realization of your dream.

  • The power to think as you wish to think is the only power you have absolute control over.
  • I am the master of my fate. I am the master of my soul. ~Ingalls
  • With thoughts, you may create whatever you desire.
  • You can do it if you believe you can!
    This is the end of my notes on Lesson 10: Accurate Thought

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