My personal notes from the book The Law of Success by Napoleon Hill

 This post contains notes on Lesson 12: Tolerance



Organized Intolerance is a form of ignorance. It’s the main cause of all wars. Intolerance ignores reason. It’s a disintegrating force that breaks up power into sections opposing each other.

Anything that retards the individual also retards the progress of civilization.

There is abundant opportunity for the person willing to serve before collecting.

Learn how and where you acquired your philosophy.

Trace your prejudices and biases to their source.

Discover how largely you are the result of the training you received before you reached fifteen years of age.

Physical Heredity: Size and form of the body, texture and color of the skin, hair and eyes, functioning power of vital organs. These are all static and fixed, for the most part, and cannot be changed; the result of millions of years of evolution.

Social Heredity: The effects of our environment and early training. Our conception of religion, war, politics, economics, philosophy, and the like.

Beliefs are formed strongest under highly emotionalized conditions; when the mind is receptive.

The three great organized forces of social heredity are the schools through education, the churches through religion, and the media through its information.

The ideal in Russia, Germany and China has been war. In the United States, the ideal has been to achieve wealth, and it is shown blatantly through consumerism. In the U.S., you don’t hear “who are you?” too often, usually you hear “what do you do for money?”.

War cannot be stopped immediately. It can only be eliminated by education, subordinating the individual interests to the interests of the human race as a whole, through the principle of social heredity. This is done by exposing the minds of the young of all races the fact that war is horrible and does not serve the interest of the individual engaging in it nor the group to which the individual belongs.

How to abolish war: Successful coordination between all of the churches and schools of the world for the purpose of fertilizing the minds of the young with the idea of ending war and strong focus on making the word ‘war’ strike fear in their hearts.

A Golden Rule Society: We must organize and highly emotionalize the people of every nation in the world, in support of a universal plan for peace. This plan must be forced upon the minds of the upcoming generations with the same diligent care that we currently force upon their young minds our respective religions and ineffective educations.

Emotion rules the world. The church’s power grows out of men’s emotions; to harness and direct emotional forces of civilization. Emotions are controlled by faith, not by reason.

We must place the interests of the human race above the interests of the individual.

It is woman’s nature to implant, in the minds of the young, ideals that will benefit generations unborn; while man is motivated generally by adding value through projects in present time.

Those who do not want peace are those who profit by war; those people only represent a fraction of the world, and can be eliminated in power if the majority of the others were organized as well as those who continuously profit by war.

Universal Peace

There’s no better way of influencing the parent than pleasing the children. Attract the children, and you attract the parents.

Allied Armies set aside all racial and religious beliefs in order to work together for the same goal.

Cities, communities, and entire industries can ally together to accomplish a big goal.

Cooperation and tolerance are the foundation for success.

A winner never quits and a quitter never wins.

Books and lessons arouse action that gets you out of your comfort zone.

Think and act with your knowledge and wisdom.

“To know, and not to do, is not to know.” ~ Leo Buscaglia

Educate: To educe, to draw out; to develop from within; to cause you to use the power that lies sleeping within you awaiting the awakening of some appropriate stimulus to rise you to action.

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