How to Attract: Take a keen heart centered interest in the other person’s “game” in life.

– A magnetic, firm hand-shake.
– First, you must neutralize their mind and make them want to listen.
– Smile contagiously.
– Compliment them from the heart: “I just came here to tell you that I think you’re doing the most wonderful, powerful, meaningful work that the world needs today.
– Talk about what’s closest to their heart, THEN talk about what’s closest to your own heart.
– Study your prospective purchasers and find out what interests them most, then talk about THAT.

The energy spent trying to defeat your enemies, if properly directed, would carry you to great heights of achievement.

Human nature always wants what’s difficult to get, or what’s about to be deprived or taken away from them.

Your only limitation is the one you setup in your own mind.

Some defeats are only installments of victory.

Talk with the “you” attitude, not the “I” or “me” frame of mind.

Earnestness of purpose is key to attractive personality; artificial purpose in your personality is detected easily and repels people.

How To Build Character Through Rigid Self Discipline

1. Select the characters who make up the qualities you would like to build in your own personality, do this by auto-suggesting to yourself those characteristics you desire and that you see in other people.

Write a concise statement of the qualities you want to develop within yourself. Read these statements out loud, close your eyes and visualize your invisible counsel, the people who have the character traits you desire, at the table there with you.

2. Control your mind, keep your thoughts positive. Let the dominating thought be the visual of the person you intend to be. A dozen times a day, visualize with faith that knows no limitation, your invisible counsel, and visualize yourself with your desired characteristics.

3. Every day, find a person with a good quality and genuinely praise it.

Put feeling and emotion into your words.

Develop your voice until it’s rhythm is pleasing to the ears.

Speech is the chief method of expressing your personality.

There is no defeat except that from within.

Do you have a strong purpose? Do you have a weak purpose? … or no purpose?

Acquire the habit of the art of being agreeable.