Current Projects

This is a glimpse of the projects I’ve been working on during August and September. A couple of these are in the midst of being finished up; all of which I pour my passion into.

Subtle Energy

Digital Energy Medicine 

View The Live, Unfinished
Subtle Energy Website


Brand Elements

Elements of brands that I designed recently; from icons to logos to signatures for entrepreneurs’ personal brands.

Product Design

I have quite a passion for designing products with purpose and the packaging for those products. The way a product is displayed plays a huge part in making the product attractive.

Social Media Ads 

Facebook and Instagram have become the most powerful platforms on the internet. Utilizing their networks with the proper strategy is the way to go in this era. Even without using the paid ad programs, there is extraordinary potential. For example,  setting up joint venture deals through direct messages.. which is totally free. It just takes the right thinking with the right actions.

What’s Next?

What I’m directing my dedicated focus to and what I’m ultra excited about is the Napoleon Hill Foundation. I’m going to pour my life’s work into it in order to upgrade and expand it to positively impact millions more with the powerful lessons of Napoleon Hill. This will first involve a complete overhaul of the brand and each of its elements. Then, the website and modern re-design of certain products. After those key milestones are in place, the social media strategy will be turned to ALL SYSTEMS GO; which will increase the followers and customers at a rapid rate. I’ve got detailed plans for this to present when we get there. I’m absolutely thrilled for this opportunity!